Explanation of abbreviations in Torrent Titles, please?

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Explanation of abbreviations in Torrent Titles, please?

Postby RhPositive » Fri May 19, 2017 7:32 am

Can anyone please direct me to a Key, Guide, or “Dictionary” that helps to define/decode/explain terms & abbreviations such as “MiB,” “XviD,” “FUM,” “HEVC,” “HEVC-PSA,” “SWESUB,” that appear in the title listings of torrents I have seen on so many of the torrent web sites I visit? (3 examples below)
There seems to be a pattern to them, and they also seem too involved to be created manually (just too much work!), so I’m guessing that they are generated semi-automatically by the software used to create the torrent file, but any clarification would be useful.

[redacted, please read forum rules, #4]

I know this question might seem pedantic, but I’ve been ‘putzing’ with this torrent “thing” for about a year, and would like to think I know what I’m doing (but I really don’t, yet).

Thanks in advance,
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