Mac tester wanted (easy)

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Mac tester wanted (easy)

Post by Jordan »

I'd love it if a Mac user could test out this pull request to see if it fixes the issues reported. The issues are minor visual warts, e.g. button alignment, so the fix should be easy to confirm/refute by visual inspection.

The PR is and the issues it claims to fix are listed in the PR description. When testing, you'll click through to each of those issues to see if they're fixed.

I can't link to the binary because the link changes every time there's a new CI build, but the steps to get to the binary is:

- Click on the "Details" link next to "Sanity (Transmission)" in the "All checks have passed" section of
- Click "log in as a guest"
- Click the build link (is a '#' followed by a number) of the "Sanity / MacOS / x86_64 (xcodebuild)" build
- Click on the "Artifacts" tab
- From here, you should be able to download the Mac Transmission GUI app to test the issues
- Please report back IN THE PULL REQUEST whether or not the issues are fixed

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Re: Mac tester wanted (easy)

Post by killemov »

Hey Jordan, it's been a minute. Welcome back.

Since the team is spread so thin already I suggest to stop development on all native interfaces and focus on transmission-daemon and the web interface only instead. What things can be done with a native interface that could not be done with the web interface?
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