newbie creating a .torrent

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newbie creating a .torrent

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Hi all,
While I'm a sort of an old-hand at understanding how bittorrent works, I am a newbie at creating it so trying it out. Can somebody see if I am getting this right ?

I am on Debian-testing 64-bit and would be using the command-line client transmission-create to create a hypothetical 250 MB media file. I read the man-page but it didn't tell me how the phrasing would be.

transmission-create — command-line utility to create .torrent files

transmission-create [-h] [-p] [-o file] [-c comment] [-t tracker] [-s piece-size-KiB] [source file or directory]

transmission-create creates BitTorrent .torrent files from the command line

-h --help
Show a short help page and exit.

-o --outfile
Save the generated .torrent to this filename.

-p --private
Flag the torrent as intended for use on private trackers.

-c --comment
Add a comment to the torrent file.

-s --piecesize
Set how many KiB each piece should be, overriding the preferred default

-t --tracker
Add a tracker's announce URL to the .torrent. Most torrents will have at least one announce URL. To add more than one, use this
option multiple times.

Jordan Lee

transmission-create(1), transmission-daemon(1), transmission-edit(1), transmission-gtk(1), transmission-qt(1), transmission-remote(1),

BSD June 9, 2010 BSD
Now could somebody explain some of the things which are not given therein. A few examples would be better. This is how some of the patterns would be in the .torrent file.

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Let's see I want to make a .torrent file of this ab.mp4 file.

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/Videos/A-B$ transmission-create -o ab.torrent -t udp:// -s 512 ab.mp4 

I tried it on a real media file which I had downloaded from youtube to test if my hypothesis is correct.

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/Videos/Timber_and_Stone_Videos_CD$ transmission-create -o timber.torrent -t udp://open.demonoii:1337 -s 512 Timber\ and\ Stone\ vers\ 1.6\ New\ UI-saMbH3DU1PU.mp4 
Creating torrent "timber.torrent" ......... done!
Then tried to see if the meta-data looked correct :-

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$ transmission-show timber.torrent
Name: Timber and Stone vers 1.6 New UI-saMbH3DU1PU.mp4
File: timber.torrent


  Name: Timber and Stone vers 1.6 New UI-saMbH3DU1PU.mp4
  Hash: 3253edbb307740f85fe952362bb7552060fed09e
  Created by: Transmission/2.84 (14307)
  Created on: Thu Mar  5 21:16:04 2015
  Piece Count: 562
  Piece Size: 512.0 KiB
  Total Size: 294.6 MB
  Privacy: Public torrent


  Tier #1


  Timber and Stone vers 1.6 New UI-saMbH3DU1PU.mp4 (294.6 MB)
So looks good, now have to just upload it to some tracker and see if it works.
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Re: newbie creating a .torrent

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Read carefully and act accordingly!
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Re: newbie creating a .torrent

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x190 wrote: Thu Mar 05, 2015 5:54 pm viewtopic.php?f=1&t=3415

Read carefully and act accordingly!
What rule is violated ? Is that what you mean .
Its important to be clear in your posts x190
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