What Steps are required for initial seeding on a Mac

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What Steps are required for initial seeding on a Mac

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I, a newbie, simply want to do an initial seeding of my first torrent. Perhaps you can
shortcut all the stuff below by pointing me to a tutorial for users in my situation. I have found none so far.

I was told the following by a kind person at the BT site, where I want to seed:

"You need to download your own torrent file from our site and tell your client to load it to the folder where the data is."

After four days of trying and failing to seed, I come to you for help.

My Data is in such a structure

. NameOfMyData/
... datafiles here

Setup: OS X El Capitan, Transmission 2.92, TP-Link Archer C7 running its Firewall
I successfully create virtual server for port 51413, so that my BT site can find my machine on my network.

Then I proceed as below:

1. In Transmission created a .torrent file by pointing to NameOfMyData/ . FileName is MyFavorite.torrent
2. I upload this torrent to my BT site.
3. I request my torrent back from BT site and it goes in to my Downloads/ as : x-MyFavorite.TORRENT

Question: what do I need to do at this point in order to accomplish and initial seeding. I have tried many times
and failed to seed. The following is my latest attempt.

1. I download my own torrent, x-MyFavorite.TORRENT from my BT site.
It was put in my Downloads/
2. From Transmission's menu I selected File -> Open Torrent File.. I then browse to Downloads/, select and Open the torrent file in Downloads/.
3. I click the "Change..." button and then change 'Download To' from Downloads/ to the MyTorrentData/.
4. I click the "Add" button .
5. The torrent file is listed in Transmission , The color is pink. No Seeding is done. 24 hours or more pass.

Thanks so much for reading this. Mark
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