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Post by insignado » Sat Mar 04, 2017 10:38 pm

In an earlier post (which I already deleted) I was complaining about Transmission wasting my time and money... :roll:

I take that back.

What a wonderful app. After using uTorrent for years (yeeeaaaars) even on a Mac, which blows, (old habits) I finally decided to try other clients. Which I did. A couple actually. But none, I mean None came even CLOSE to what Transmission does...

For a torrent client Transmission really is groundbreaking. The complex yet incredible simple way to automatically direct newly downloaded torrents to specific folders and groups.. I've seen it with other apps, but not like this. And that all in a nice Apple styled layout. Awesome guys.

Any spare buck I got will go to you guys developing. <3

Thanks!! (and sorry) :lol:

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