Drag and drop new version client for windows ??

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Drag and drop new version client for windows ??

Post by firewall1 » Sun Jun 30, 2019 4:40 am


I used transmission since very long time , and i love it is on linux server. I used also on phone all working well. I just reinstall my computer , and i download same as before the windows client , i have some trouble maybe someone can help me in setting i write the right path to my linux like /home /user ..... but when i add torrent the path change to c:/home/user.... i need to delete all time c: !!!
Also drag and drop not work anymore before with old version that was working perfectly now the client find source empty so impossible to drag and drop.

Thank you by advance for your help

I find alrady the solution install version Transmission 2.94+ (3d9fd25269) work perfectly without any problems

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