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Sort by Progress

Post by Barth663 » Sun Oct 13, 2019 4:32 am


Since I always like to sort by progress I have a few questions since using it with transmission 2.94 for a few months now.
It doesn't seem to only filter in the progress % from the downloads, which would make most sense to me.

However when I am downloading with a que, it first sorts progress from downloading/active items (or so it seems) and then items in waiting que seperately.

Also it seems that when you only want a few files from the torrent (for example just the movie and not sample file and or the extras), it gives the correct % that is left for the files you actually want to download, but the torrent itself drops in the progress line to where it might have been if you would be downloading all the files in the torrent. For example I have file that are on 90% that are within the 60% items, even when all of them are active, and it simply seems to be, because I removed from the torrent, the episodes I already had downloaded elsewhere.

Now the way this works may be just the way it is intended to work for transmission, but it doesn't seem to make much sense for a progress sortation to be set up this way, so I am wondering if this is a bug which hasn't been fixed yet (if so I found no other information on the forums in my quick searches), or I am just having this bug (if it is one and not just the intention to work this way).

Just using the transmission QT, no daemon or web etc.


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