Version 3.00+ release coming?

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Version 3.00+ release coming?

Post by mbtm »

The last official release (2.94) was back in May 1, 2018 (at least for the Mac), but there has been significant updates in the nightly builds, and the current stable nightly build has been working great on my machine for the last three months. I don't normally care about running beta software, but some trackers with whitelists are not recognizing 3.00+, so I'm wondering if an official 3.0 release will be coming.
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Re: Version 3.00+ release coming?

Post by ksec »

Well there was a commit to bump version to 3.0 just hours ago. Hopefully we will see it soon. I think there were quite a lot of changes that went into it.

Dark Mode would be nice.
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Re: Version 3.00+ release coming?

Post by laikexpert »

I use Transmission 3.00+ on Windows 10
and there really is no better than it.


However, to be honest:
- On Windows 10 Transmission looks very old-fashioned.
- Many options are not available to users.

Transmission 3.00+ (Interface + Options) Redesign
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