Multi-user Transmission server setup

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Multi-user Transmission server setup

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So I've been contributing to the swizzin seedbox toolset and we successfully set this up. You can find the project here.

To install this, just run the setup script, choose transmission, and then create your users. you can read the docs on how to make the install a bit more customised here I like a different default download directory, and by setting one variable you can change that behaviour. As long as the variable is set, it will apply.

The users' sessions will be on RPC 9091 for the first user, and incremented by one for each next user. If the nginx module is installed together with the box setup, all users can log in using their credentials over the "https://<domain.tld>/transmission" address and the basic auth will redirect them to their instance based off the username.

I never found a proper short walk-through on how to do this, so here's a little breakdown on what needs to be done.

- Disable default service, maybe remove the default user
- Make a systemd service for each user, or use the `@` parameter syntax ...
- Create a valid ~/.config/transmission-daemon/settings.json file for each user with unique ports ... (make sure you're replacing the variable values)
- Create the required directories (default-dir and session, blacklist and torrents under the ~/.config/transmission-daemon) ...

I hope this helps whoever wants to set this up in the future. I googled for two days to get this working right.
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