Transmission 3.0 Blocklists

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Transmission 3.0 Blocklists

Post by Ramonsan »


First, sorry about my english.

I have actualized my transmission to version 3.0. When im trying to configure blocklist , web interface says that i dont have any blocklist.

Shows: Blocklist has ? rules.

Im trying to use update button but nothing happens.

I had eddited settings.json file to enable blocklist like:

"blocklist-enabled": true,
"blocklist-url": "",

Using command transmission-remote --blocklist-update i can download blocklist list. Blocklist.bin appear in blocklist directory, but web interface remains show ? rules.

Also, in web interface, show a button to active blocklist and a field to write, but only i can write numbers... What is this field for?


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Re: Transmission 3.0 Blocklists

Post by X39-j »

Could it synatx error in your list?
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Re: Transmission 3.0 Blocklists

Post by tytower »

I used your link to update and it worked fine?
I put it in the preferences under privacy
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Re: Transmission 3.0 Blocklists

Post by Arreyy »

the script deletes blocklists you've removed from BLOCKLISTS array. However, I recommend you to close your Transmission client and then running the script (after blocklist deletion).The script finds out that the blocklist is not available anymore, warns you about it and asks you whether to continue downloading other blocklists.
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Re: Transmission 3.0 Blocklists

Post by friendpicksd »

same issue here. Need help :(
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