[Feature Req] QT Client - Multiple Predefined download locations

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[Feature Req] QT Client - Multiple Predefined download locations

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Some functionality that I am looking for with Transmission is related to multiple download locations. With my setup, I change locations frequently relating to what type of download the torrent is. This translates to if it is a regular download that does not have to be sorted into one of my numerous media libraries, it gets sorted into a regular general directory location. If the download is categorized as fitting into one of the five media libraries, it would be great to be able to select an alternate download location with a dropdown menu without having to type the location in. This will reduce the risk of typos and get the download to working just a little bit faster. This possible functionality is similar to that in the Android app "Transmission Remote" in that download locations are able to be selected by dropdown (the android app just remembers download locations and can mess them up too). I envision these folder paths being set in the preferences for the daemon through the QT client or whatever.


Default: D:\Bittorrent
Option: D:\TV Shows
Option: D:\Movies
Option: D:\Family Movies
Option: D:\Christmas Movies
Option: D:\Christmas TV
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