Send email on torrent completion?

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Send email on torrent completion?

Postby dbtlpv » Thu Dec 28, 2017 1:14 am

hi guys, just wondering if anyone has got this working in the windows version of transmission. had this previously in the linux verision no problem with a script but cant get this working in windows?

i have created a script in powershell that works fine but i cant get transmission to launch it. in the logs it says that its not a valid executable so im guessing it does not support running powershell scripts. so i complied it into an exe which i have tested on its own and when i run the exe i get an email no problem, so the exe itself is fine. however it just wont work with transmission running the exe after completion! the logs dont complain about running the exe file so im not sure whats going on.

if anyone else has a worked out a way to do this then great but i just cant get it to work the way im doing it so just wondering if anyone else has managed to get this to work. im running it on a windows server 2016 server but at this point im thinking of just running a second linux server just for transmission as i know i can get everthing i want working that way.

i also had a problem getting blocklists to automatically update but i have worked around this by scheduling a batch file to run every night that donwloads the new list deletes the old one and then restarts the transmission daemon and that seems to be working so far no issues.

thanks in advance for any help :)

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