error input/output error

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error input/output error

Postby ch3nks » Mon Jan 01, 2018 5:25 pm

i had to re-install the OS on my windows media server.
i can't seem to get transmission to work as properly.
it's installed and is used exclusively via the webui - the daemon service is running.

whenever i add a torrent it starts and then errors saying it's having a problem saving to the location,
"error input/output error (C:/Users/chenk/Downloads/Torrents/<torrent name>"
i suspect this is a permissions problem although not sure why as the daemon is running and that user is currently logged in (that user auto logs in).

the github pages says that the config files are stored in

Qt client settings - %LOCALAPPDATA%/transmission
Daemon settings - %LOCALAPPDATA%/transmission-daemon
Default download folder - %LOCALAPPDATA%/Downloads

but i only have 1 folder in %localappdata% and that is the "transmission" folder.
i don't have a transmission-daemon folder.
so i'm at a bit of a loss.

anyone any suggestions?

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