script-torrent-done-filename nzbToMedia Windows 10 daemon

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script-torrent-done-filename nzbToMedia Windows 10 daemon

Post by samkatakouzinos »


I've been running transmissionbt from transmission-2.94+-rc019317548-x64.msi as daemon.
I've been using nzbToMedia for other services successfully. Trying to make it work here.
I try to call the python script.

Logfile shows error;

Code: Select all

[YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SSS.sss] <file> Calling script "C:\Program Files\Python27\python.exe D:\fs\pg\pf\nzbToMedia\-\nzbToMedia\" (C:\Transmission\Jenkins\workspace\trunk-win32\arch\x64\label\pepito-win10\libtransmission\torrent.c:2261)
[YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SSS.sss] <file> Error executing script "C:\Program Files\Python27\python.exe D:\fs\pg\pf\nzbToMedia\-\nzbToMedia\" (2): Call to CreateProcess() failed: The system cannot find the file specified. (C:\Transmission\Jenkins\workspace\trunk-win32\arch\x64\label\pepito-win10\libtransmission\torrent.c:2267)
I've also tried with calling the python file directly only.
Both attempts unsuccessful.

Also tried changing to and from LocalService and LocalSystem accounts.

Am I doing it wrong?
Have I missed a step?
Do I need additional config to my computer outside of transmission?

Any advice appreciated.
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Re: script-torrent-done-filename nzbToMedia Windows 10 daemon

Post by mike.dld »

You're specifying a command instead of a single file for script path, this won't work. Since we don't currently support running .py scripts directly, you'll need to create a wrapper .bat/.cmd script (specifying path to it in settings.json instead) and do whatever you want in it, including running Python. Another option would be to convert your Python script to an .exe (there're tools for that out there). Hope that helps.
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