Transmission QT 2.94 doesn't work! Multiple problems...

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Transmission QT 2.94 doesn't work! Multiple problems...

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I've been a uTorrent user for years and I really got tired of it's ads and closed source origin. My two main choices were Transmission and qBittorrent. At the moment they are both installed on my Win7 PC but Transmission is not downloading the torrents that qBit does.

All the torrents remain in the "Magnetized transfer - retrieving metadata" phase. I've tried reinstalling it from scratch 3 times now and it almost never downloads any torrent.

It also doesn't save settings. Every time the client or PC restarts, I have to input the downloading folders and other settings again.

If these problems can be fixed, is there a way to make it start together with Windows?

I've read that Transmission is the lightest and most powerful client out there, and I really like the GUI. Is there any precedent for the issues I'm experiencing? Can they be fixed?
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