transmission-remote: (http://localhost:9091/transmission/rpc/) Timeout was reached

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transmission-remote: (http://localhost:9091/transmission/rpc/) Timeout was reached

Postby ThePowerTool » Tue Jun 27, 2017 7:05 pm

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transmission-remote:  (http://localhost:9091/transmission/rpc/) Timeout was reached

I run Transmission on a linux box (specifically: transmission-2.92-6.fc25.x86_64) and frequently access it via transmission-remote.

I have noticed it *seems* (based upon my casual observation) that I get the subject-error (sometimes repeatedly) using transmission-remote when Transmission is "verifying" a file.

1. Is this the cause (that it's verifying a file) and is there a way to confirm?
2. Is there a way to find out if it is something else (or something else in addition to the verification process)?
3. If this is the case and I'm right can I use the "torrent finished" script in BASH to force verification in a script using a fork (separate process) to avoid getting time-outs?


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Re: transmission-remote: (http://localhost:9091/transmission/rpc/) Timeout was reached

Postby ThePowerTool » Tue Sep 12, 2017 11:20 pm

After a great deal of trying different things and watching the client performance it seems to be 1) upload speed and 2) verifying files.

Please note this is from observation, only. There's no spike in CPU usage. It just seems that the main time I get significant CL response delays is when my upload hits 5MB/s (or more) and when a file is being verified. During those times I am guaranteed long waits and often to the timeout error where I am forced to re-enter the command.

Limiting UL speed to 500kB/s seems to mostly resolve the issue if there's no file verification executing.

Now when I sit down to use CL I start by reducing my UL speed. This one work-around seems to cover about 90% or more of the problem.

I don't understand why this would be the case when top reports my cpu under 25% utilization.

Does anyone have any ideas? No one has responded. Is this a known issue or a very difficult problem to troubleshoot?

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