Debian newb, how to get 2.76

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Debian newb, how to get 2.76

Post by grandnexus »

Hi, anyone with Debian know how to get the latest transmission of 2.76?

I managed to get 2.73 by following these instruction: ... f=7&t=2211

But I had to download it from the experimental branch (does that mean the 2.73 version I got is not the stable one)?

Now I'm trying to get 2.76 which was just released, how do I go about that? I didn't see 2.76 in squeeze, sid, or experimental.

I used the command "apt-get -t experimental install transmission-daemon" to get 2.73
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Re: Debian newb, how to get 2.76

Post by blacke4dawn »

This is something you have to take up with the maintainers of Debian since the Transmission devs are NOT the ones who build those packages, nor are they the ones who decide what versions gets into which repository.

You basically have two options, wait for the Debian maintainers to build it, or compile it locally yourself.
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Re: Debian newb, how to get 2.76

Post by lazybones »

Even debian's experimental packages will lag behind official releases of almost all software by a fair bit.

You basically have two options:

1. Compile it your self since Debian has ALWAYS been slow to release packages
2. Switch to Ubuntu and use the PPA repositories which are VERY current
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