Force Transmission to save settings

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Force Transmission to save settings

Post by maki.ato » Fri Oct 30, 2015 1:12 am

You can signal Transmission to reload settings, but can you force it to save settings?
I'm running the daemon on my NAS 24/7.
When I change settings it may have dramatic effect on what's going on, for example turning off Seed Queue, especially when you have hundreds of torrents seeding/queued. When you turn Seed queue off they're no longer seeding/queued and you need to start seeding them manually.
When there's a black out, after restarting it seems that settings aren't saved and those 100s of torents remain stopped and the Seed Queue feature is enabled, so You have to manually do that again. Rinse repeat, unless you stop/start the daemon, which is not a very elegant solution.

is there any way besides daemon stop/start to force Transmission to save settings?

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