Only 8MBps over a GB LAN

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Only 8MBps over a GB LAN

Post by zhijiang » Fri Jan 19, 2018 9:45 am

Hello all,

I am currently using transmission to distribute bigfiles in LAN env(no internet access). I have tested only with 2 nodes, one seeds using transmission-daemon, the other uses transmission-cli to download. The result is that transmission-cli only got 8MBps peek download speed. Compared with 112MBps of scp, that is too slow than my expected. P.S., I knew and was using --no-down/uplimit, --no-lpd, --no-utp for my test.

Could you please help to take a look?

Many thanks!

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Re: Only 8MBps over a GB LAN

Post by bitcohen » Sat Feb 10, 2018 11:29 am

Hi all !
I have the similar question. I downloaded transmission the other day so I could download this large game (roughly 30 GB). Everything looks great, but leaving it on for a day, I looked and saw that progress bar remained at 0.3% complete downloading, despite downloading at a steady 1 MB. I looked, and saw that the download never exceeds beyond 120MB, and reverts back to a lower number after a while (for example, after reaching 120 MB or so, it would show 102 MB/ 30 GB) over and over again. I looked at the files tab in torrent properties, and the progress bars for the same files were resetting and redownloading (and the smaller ones, too, so I keep periodically re-downloading small 2 MB files instead of the large, 5 GB ones). Am I missing something?
Cheers, bitcohen

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