Transmission NAT/STUN/TURN problems

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Transmission NAT/STUN/TURN problems

Post by brainlessuser » Wed Feb 14, 2018 1:54 pm

Hello all, sorry if wrong thread but I really stucked for 2 days with that problem
I have two transmission clients (no matter what client to use, I tried with many others but transmission is more convinient for me) lets say client A and client B
They both hidden behind different NAT
I have remote server on Digital Ocean where simple python-pybtracker tracker running. I am almost sure there no problems with tracker as it regulary send and receive messages. It correctly work if seed has public IP or port forwarded.
So lets return to our clients. Say A decided to create some torrent and share it with B, he create it through transmission-create where show my DO tracker
-t udp://public-ip:port
then he add this torrent and begin seed
everything goes well until client B decide to connect to A and download that file, because they both are behind different NAT and B simply do not see where A is.
I assume logic is something like this
B request tracker for existing peers that have needed file >>>>> then tracker response with client A IP-address, which it got when A add torrent, and that is NAT IP and PORT and not A, as A do not have public IP, file do not downloading and everything stopped

I read that topic ... tun-server and I am very grateful to selbie for his answer as it realy clear almost everything about STUN and NAT, logic and how it works, but I still can not understand how to make my port an port of my NAT conenct together? I tried with stuntman client and server, but or I was doing something wrong or it is not really what I need. I also tried TURN (coturn), same... nothing happen.

What client A before seed his file need to do? Maybe use some additional software or...
something like this
A run .. lets say stuntman client or something else, where returned A public IP with port and A private IP and PORT, then A add torrent and show tracker that info, and then, when B requests for peers, tracker will show correct public IP of A(better say NAT IP with NAT port which is mapped to A) , and B will see A and can download file ?
Or how to do ?
Thanks for help

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