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Email Notification

Post by 744700595 » Mon Mar 19, 2018 1:24 am

Wondered if I could ask for a little assistance? Command line and scripting just isn't an area I have particular skills in and while i've given it a go and failed I was hoping someone could come to my rescue?

I would like Transmission to send me an email once a torrent has downloaded, the issue I have is that I'm unsure how to properly modify a script. I've been trying with this script - ...

I used a NAS4FREE system with only msmtp in it, and I have successfully configured it to send mail. But I don't know how to modify it in Because I don't have a msmtp command
I hope someone is willing to help me. Thank you

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SUBJECT="Torrent Done!"
TMPFILE=`mktemp -t transmission.XXXXXXXXXX`
echo "Transmission finished downloading \"$TR_TORRENT_NAME\" on $TR_TIME_LOCALTIME" >$TMPFILE
$NAIL -v -S from="$FROM_ADDR" -S smtp -s "$SUBJECT" -S smtp=$SMTP_SERVER "$TO_ADDR" < $TMPFILE

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