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Create a torrent

Post by Azoic » Wed May 09, 2018 2:20 am

Hi Guys,

Longtime torrent supporter, user and fan....but in all this time, I have NEVER actually made one...until now...and I soon found out, I don't know how too..... :lol:

Can anyone help with this problem I have. I want to make a torrent for certain files on my Nas4Free box. I can see the files in Transmission GUI "create new torrent", but adding them does not work.They are NETWORKED files.Is this something I can fix ? Can Transmission GUI be configured to import the network files? It sees the folders, and the contents, but will not link to them in the create process, it makes a 0kb file when I try to add them. I can create a torrent for them if I move the files to my local disk, but that means I have to leave my main PC on for seeding. As moving the torrent after creation, it would not find the files anymore. My NAS runs 24/7 and is also my current Transmission seedbox, I want to make the torrent for the files on this PC and have the torrent upload/seed on my NAS.

If the Transmission GUI cannot be set up to do it, can some one help me with how and where to create them in the NAS system. The BT client setup page is minimal to say the least. And I have NO KNOWLEDGE AT ALL of locating, let alone using the CLI in the NAS machine. Or is there another torrent client that CAN add files across the network when creating a torrent ??

Any help is greatly appreciated

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