Daemon basics - How To?

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Daemon basics - How To?

Post by nhuphuong422 » Thu May 17, 2018 1:22 am

Ok guys, Im very tired to roam around the wiki reading scripts and trying all possible and imaginable setups ever.
I promise that after i'm successful trying to run my transmission daemon, I WILL write down some as-detailed-as-i-can-possibly-do documentation for running transmission daemon on a macintosh.

But right now, i'm already trying to do it for a little more than 6 months, and still have not even succeeded to make the daemon start correctly.
Whatever I try, it will never read the config files, and if I run it in a brand new virgin state, it always have permission problems to write down the downloads to disk.
Also, I will give an example this time: I open a new terminal window, cd to daemon folder and do start command. until here, all good, activity monitor shows process named transmission-daemon. Then I type something like "./transmission-daemon -et" and instead of configuring the daemon, it just opens a new daemon instance, and now activity monitor shows 2 processes named transmission-daemon.and if I keep trying to config the daemon from the terminal, instead it will just keep opening additional instances of transmissions for every single line I type in terminal - even if I try "./transmission-daemon stop", it just opens a new transmission instance.

Just to keep it simple for you guys, I am trying to simply open a terminal window and run the daemon, without scripts, without nothing else. I just want to first learn how to do everything manually on the daemon.

So please, I need your help guys!
Can you help me with this?
Thank you very much!

First question:
How do I start and stop transmission-daemon from terminal?

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