Transmission won't stop showing old "Seeding Complete" alerts on launch

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Transmission won't stop showing old "Seeding Complete" alerts on launch

Postby sakurasanta86 » Thu Jun 07, 2018 3:21 am

Hi all,

I'm having a hell of a time with a small but annoying bug: every single time I launch Transmission on my iMac (running OS X, 10.11.4), it always shows the same five old "Seeding Complete" alerts, one for each of five torrents that finished seeding ages ago. Those torrents are long gone from the app—I deleted them months ago—but they're still there, as alerts, in the top right corner of my screen, every last time I launch Transmission. And worse, because they're alerts, not banners, I have to manually close them each time.

Things I've tried doing that have had no effect on getting rid of these:
- Clicking the "Close" or "Show" buttons on each alert (duh)
- Restarting (also duh); it's been doing this for months
- Installing the latest nightly build of Transmission (2.92+ (14736))
- Removing the Application Support/Transmission folder, as well as the .plist file for Transmission in Library/Preferences—even with the new nightly build, and a blank list of torrents, and all my settings cleared, those Seeding Complete notificaitons come back
- Changing Transmission's Notifications settings in OS X's System Preferences panel

…but nothing is working.

Help! And thanks so much.

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