How to build transmision-daemon 2.94 on raspbian (RPI3)

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How to build transmision-daemon 2.94 on raspbian (RPI3)

Post by kriticar » Wed Sep 05, 2018 7:35 pm


On my RPI3 raspbian strech, transmission of version 2.92 (14714) is installed. It is the newest version in raspbian strech repository.
I would like to upgrade it to version 2.94. My idea is to build it from the source and to do alternate install of it in order to remove my version when 2.94 shows up in raspbian repository.

Can someone provide to me instructions how to build 2.94 on raspbian strech, how to do alternate install and how to remove this version when 2.94 comes into raspbian repository.

Thanks in advance.


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