Limit web seed amount like peer_limit

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Limit web seed amount like peer_limit

Post by diabolusss » Thu Dec 20, 2018 7:20 pm

Today i run into strange issue with transmission after adding archlinux torrent from their official web site.
After googling around for a while and trying to figure out the actual cause of strange behavior i noticed a new thing in torrent info namely "web seeds" with relatively high value - more than 275, assuming that i have limited peer amount and run daemon in router.
It's the first time i see this kind of seeds and the first time i have a such problem, that's why i think its the cause.
Any way it would be great to have a possibility to limit amount of web seeds, like we do with peer-limit option.

If i increase memory percent allowed to use router hangs completely.
open-file-limit seems does nothing.

Basic info:
version: transmission-daemon 2.92
error in transmission.log
netstat -anp | grep trans gives a long list of open connections and
dmesg with a lot of TCP: too many orphaned sockets

Will be grateful for any help.

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