Re-check frequently shows invalid downloads

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Re-check frequently shows invalid downloads

Post by kev89 »

I've noticed re-checking torrents on my Mac (10.14 - latest Transmission) frequently shows that some of the previously successfully downloaded files are now at ~99% and Transmission needs to resume the download to fix the corrupt data.

Does this indicate anything wrong on my end, possible hard drive issues, or is it just normal behavior? Hard-drive is NVME, not sure if that matters in regards to bit rot (if thats what this could be - doubtful as the files sometimes have been downloaded the same day, never more than a few weeks).
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Re: Re-check frequently shows invalid downloads

Post by verifylocaldata »

i had this happen once (that i was aware of) when my hard drive was brand new
now about 2 months later i just noticed 3 torrents in a row get this

not sure how this happens, i assume either the data actually gets messed up after being written
or somehow the data is written badly after being cached
(i don't know anything about hard drives)

the only time i experienced this before years ago my hard drive crashed shortly afterward...
i hope there is another explanation for it this time
(one thing i'm hoping is that i'm just hitting the usb cable on my raspberry pi to my external and it messes something up)

also i'm wondering if anyone knows how to write a script for transmission to verify a torrent after it's finished (assuming the data isn't being corrupted sometime after the torrent finishes downloading)
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