Windows remote GUI client nixes transmission's ability to move finished torrents

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Windows remote GUI client nixes transmission's ability to move finished torrents

Post by mcanix » Tue Feb 04, 2020 10:50 pm

Ok, this was a real timewaster until I finally figured it out so I thought I'd just leave this here to help anyone else along =)

Management summary: the Windows version of the Transmission Remote GUI v5.16.0 program borks transmission (in freebsd, anyway) from moving files from incomplete to complete directories.

I'm running Freenas 11.3p3 and have transmission running in a jail (DHCP with fixed IP from firewall is only change I made to installation). I mapped my dataset /mnt/tank/downloads to the jail's /usr/local/etc/transmission/home/Downloads, and ran

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chown -R transmission:transmission
on that folder. I double-checked the results and all was as should be.

Next I configured the settings.json, where I added ../Downloads/incomplete as the incomplete dir, and set it to True. Also changed umask to 02. (Changed a few other settings as well but they're not relevant [dl speeds etc].)

After starting the service again, I opened the Transmission Remote GUI (v5.16.0) (yeah, ancient software, I should've known better, I know) and added a test torrent. Adding and downloading went fine, no issues.
BUT: after it finished seeding, it would not move / be moved to the Downloads folder as a completed torrent should.
At first I thought it was permissions, so I redid everything, even recreated the jail a few times, changed the default user, ran chown, chmod. Nothing worked.

I then tried manually changing the directory the torrent was stored in through the WinGUI. This worked fine. So it wasn't that it COULDN'T do it, it just... didn't.

After many bad breaks I finally figured out it was the Windows Remote Gui program itself. If you add the torrent through the webUI, everything works as expected: the torrent downloads, and when finished it gets moved. But if you add it through the web GUI, forget it. It passes along arguments that transmission can't handle I guess.

Moreover: the information you've used earlier in the web gui to move the file is stored, and is used for subsequent torrents and connections. You will suddenly find error messages in your /var/log/messages with references to old mount points, for example. That's the GUI peppering transmission with old/bad info.

Anyway, it took me quite some digging to figure this out (still a n00b :P) but I figured maybe this would help someone, so here it is =)

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