Turning off seed ratio per torrent ignored?

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Turning off seed ratio per torrent ignored?

Post by spamalam » Mon Feb 17, 2020 12:13 pm

I am trying to put per tracker ratios but it seems that either I'm making a mistake, there's a bug, or the functionality doesn't work the way I expect.

Code: Select all

for i in `transmission-remote --auth USERNAME:PASSWORD -l | grep -v ID | grep -v Sum | awk '{ print $1 }'`; do   
  CHECK=`transmission-remote --auth USERNAME:PASSWORD -t $i -it | grep -i 'LIST\|OF\|TRACKERS'`     
  if [[ ! -z $CHECK ]]; then                                                                                  
       transmission-remote --auth USERNAME:PASSWORD -t $i -SR  > /dev/null 2>&1                                   
exit 0                                                                                                        
The global rate is 4.00, what I found was that preferred trackers were stopping at the global limit, as if the -SR flag does not work or needs another flag.

Is there something wrong with the above? I'm running Transmission 2.84 (14307) in a docker (not mine), and I have a cron from the host machine that exec the bash script. I debugged and it is definitely submitting as i get the RPC success message if you remove the /dev/null.

I got up this morning and had to resume the seeding for several torrents as if it was wrong.

Here's what it says when i do an -l

Code: Select all

  Id: 80
  Name: *hidden*
  Hash: *hidden*
  Magnet: *hidden*

  State: Idle
  Location: /completes/movies/
  Percent Done: 100%
  ETA: 0 seconds (0 seconds)
  Download Speed: 0 kB/s
  Upload Speed: 0 kB/s
  Have: 733.1 MB (733.1 MB verified)
  Availability: 100%
  Total size: 733.1 MB (733.1 MB wanted)
  Downloaded: None
  Uploaded: None
  Ratio: None
  Corrupt DL: None
  Peers: connected to 0, uploading to 0, downloading from 0

  Date added:       Mon Feb 17 12:42:55 2020
  Date started:     Mon Feb 17 12:42:59 2020
  Seeding Time:     31 minutes (1885 seconds)

  Date created: Sat Sep  3 19:21:39 2011
  Public torrent: No
  Comment: *hidden :)*
  Creator: Azureus/
  Piece Count: 1399
  Piece Size: 512.0 KiB

  Download Limit: Unlimited
  Upload Limit: Unlimited
  Ratio Limit: Unlimited
  Honors Session Limits: Yes
  Peer limit: 300
  Bandwidth Priority: Normal
So it says ratio unlimited, but seems to be ignored?

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