Transmission 2.94 not using UDP upnp

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Transmission 2.94 not using UDP upnp

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I'm using transmission 2.94 with my openwrt router with miniupnpd. By looking at 'cat /tmp/upnp.leases' I can see only:

TCP:51413: 51413 tcp

But no UDP connection mapping. And it seems no one can connect using UDP.

My router does support UDP like this (with other software):


Technically speaking TCP/IP and TCP/UDP are the same TCP family protocol, but I'm not sure that how it works with miniupnpd.

Another issue I have with port checking. Since I have two IPv4 and IPv6, port checking using default routing which is IPv6 and result port checking always failed. Can I specify which connection to use to test port? or can you support double connection for port checking (IPv4 and IPv6)?

Thanks very mutch!

EDIT: I can confirm sharing torrents with qBittorrent works fine!

TCP:8999: at
UDP:8999: at
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