Understanding Transmission's "peer-port" settings for VPNs

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Understanding Transmission's "peer-port" settings for VPNs

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I am wondering how the "peer-port" settings should be configured when Transmission (specifically transmission-daemon) is working together with a VPN service provider, for which I intend to enable Port Forwarding.

Assume for my situation that "port-forwarding-enabled" currently is false.

These are my more specific questions:
  • Does Transmission only use one (1) peer-port at a time (e.g. 51413)? Does the amount of peer-ports in any way limit the amount of simultaneous incoming connections, or the amount of peers I seed to?
  • If so – If I enable peer-port-random, will it still just use one (1) peer-port within the range peer-port-random-low and peer-port-random-high at one moment in time of running Transmission? Or will it use multiple of these ports simultaneously?
  • Because I wish to use VPN Port Forwarding, is/are these the port(s) for which I should enable Port Forwarding for on my VPN service provider's website – without opening them in my LAN Firewalls?
  • My understanding for my current situation is that I shall continue to have port-forwarding-enabled be false at all times to disallow uPnP and NAT-PMP protocols for a more secure approach – even if I enable Port Forwarding on my VPN provider's website, and should have the same port(s) as my designated peer-port range. Please confirm if that's correct?

NB: This page has some info about the parameters, but is quite scarce.

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