Asustor AS1002T V2 + Settings.json

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Asustor AS1002T V2 + Settings.json

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Hi guys,

I just got a Asustor AS1002T V2 and installed transmission on it. Now when I go access it from outside my network I get a 421 error that no connection can be made. I believe I ma meant to edit the settings/config file with what it says but the problem is I cannot for the life of me find any of these files nor have no idea what do if I found them.

Can someone point me in the right direction and help me out? Ive heard you need to start and end the service for the file to be created but ive restarted the NAS and still nothing.

If someone could provide some help, guidance or instructions it'll be a really help and greatly appreciated as Im at my Witts end with it all now

Thanks guys!
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