Transfers go to "Verifying local data" every time I restart daemon

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Transfers go to "Verifying local data" every time I restart daemon

Post by renatorod » Tue Sep 29, 2020 1:33 am

Hi Everyone.

Once again it was necessary to reinstall my raspberry pi system. After I did this a few times, I learned to put the .torrent files and data files back in their proper place. I also learned that I should run a "verify local data" after things are in place.

By the way, I put some torrents for "verify local data" and waited, waited and waited. I used the web interface on another machine. That is ok, but when I restarted the raspberry pi system, to my surprise, all those torrents went back to "queued for verification" condition!

Some extra information is:
-I am running transmission-daemon version 2.94-2+deb10u1 on a raspberry pi 3 with Raspberry Pi OS Buster
-I am using transmission-web client (on another machine) to manage my torrents

Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Maybe debian version of transmission is outdated an causing this?

I will report new information soon.

Thank you.

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