Transmission 80% Memory, Server stop responding!

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Transmission 80% Memory, Server stop responding!

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Hello Dear Community,

I have a really big issue with my Transmission.

Since a few months If Transmission is running on my Server and I add a torrent to download, the memora usage is going up to 80% in every case.
The bigger problem is if Transmission is downloading my whole Server dies. The download goes to 0kbit/sec and the Server stop responding, SmartHome, Plex, Docker, Web interfaces everything what running on the server is unreachable and also the SSH connection drops every minute.

Once I was able to solve this issue with upgrading System OS and Transmission version, but after a week it started to do the same with the newest versions.

I tried the following versions:
- TRANSMISSION 2,94, TRANSMISSION 3.00 ... ssues/1463
Here is the Github Issue link with pictures in the comments.

Please try to help me I need urgent help because if I download anything my Smart Home stop working, No Lights, No Locks, No Cameras etc...

Thank you very much,
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