Can I change behavior of "Open Folder"?

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wong xilong
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Can I change behavior of "Open Folder"?

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My request may sound strange on the surface. I hope it does not seem so.

I place my torrents in a number of different places, depending on what the file is I am downloading. So it is much easier to use the "open folder" command than to manually go through my directory tree.

When I do this, Transmission calls on GParted to open the folder. This causes problems when I am using folders with spaces in their titles, which means the folder will not open. I also don't know how to use GParted as a file manager, rather than a disk partition manager, and frankly I would rather not start poking at such a powerful piece of software to learn how to do that.

TL;DR: I am hoping that I can change Transmission's behavior so that "Open folder" will simply open a folder window, rather than a piece of software that can seriously mess things up if I meddle with it too much.

I'm using Transmission 2.92 (14714) on Mint 19.2* with Mate 64 bit.

* I'm behind on my Mint version because I was on vacation in southeast Asia when COVID closed the borders for ten months, and haven't had the time to do a system upgrade, yet.
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