Every new torrent/magnet added starts new clientinstace..

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Every new torrent/magnet added starts new clientinstace..

Post by BogusByte »

Windows 10 pro 20h2 19042.804 x64
Transmission 2.94+ (3d9fd25269)
Transmission 3.00 (bb6b5a062e)

I have the deamon running on one pc(server) and client on another pc(clent) on the lan...

When i open a .torrent file or open a magnet url from Firefox or explorer by doubleclicking a .torrent file... the clent start a new instace of the local client but it adds the torrent to the server just fine...

Have uninstalled and removed all config(settings.json) files and reinstalled ... still no help

Is this a known problem and somting that can be fixed so it reuse the allready running instace of the client?

Sorry for bad english/typos as its not my native language :(
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Re: Every new torrent/magnet added starts new clientinstace..

Post by killemov »

You do know that you are trying to save yourself a single click right? (Close a browser tab or exit an application.) If you use the web-UI, or are willing to, you could use Shift to intercept the magnet: protocol. If you are stuck using the native application you need to start some application to process the torrent anyway. And yes, there are ways to implement checking for an already running application and deferring the handling to that application ... but that takes a lot of work doing platform-specific implementation ... again saving you that one click.
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