The old "stuck at 99.xx% download" question..

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The old "stuck at 99.xx% download" question..

Post by pjd813 »

I have a download that is stuck at 99.66 percent for four or five days. How do I complete the download? When the question has been asked before the answer I have seen is :

"Stop the uncomplete torrent, right-click and "force re-check". If it's same hash it should complete to 100 %.

You could also copy the tracker URL from the uncomplete torrent (righ-click->Properties->General) and paste it into the other complete torrent tracker list. Then delete the uncomplete torrent."

I'm running TM 3.00 on MacOS 10.13.6 and I don't see those things when I right click.

Pete D.
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Re: The old "stuck at 99.xx% download" question..

Post by killemov »

There are some related issues with corrupted data. For me this only happens when the disk the data is stored on is full at the moment of download completion. Transmission thinks it has written a piece to disk, but physically it has not. So it is related to caching on some level. When the issue of free space has been resolved and you have force-checked the data the missing piece is detected. Then you restart the torrent and usually it completes as expected. But sometimes it does not. The download is stuck at this one missing piece, probably forever.
My educated guess is that in this rare case the bitmap of pieces is not updated properly and so no pieces are ever requested from other clients. For me removing (but keep the data) and re-adding the torrent was the only solution.
Also note that Transmission does not verify torrent integrity. You can add a truncated torrent with missing piece hashes and then it will be impossible for the torrent to ever complete. In this case you need to re-download the torrent as well.
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