Impact on max connection settings

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Impact on max connection settings

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This is my first post here. I hope I didn't broke any rules. I have tried to find the answer to my question, but either I couldn't understand them or they didn't answer my specific question. Thank you for reading my post :)

My transmission is the webclient that's running as a jail on the FreeNAS server. Basically it is the default available transmission client on FreeNAS plugin page. FreeNAS itself is also virtualized on Proxmox.

My question is, what should be my "Max peers per torrent" and "Max peers overall" settings under "Connection". Because I have a FreeNAS that has about 30TB of space, I don't really delete anything I downloaded. I keep seeding everything that I have donwloaded. The defualt setting soon became inefficient on the first day I started to use the transmission webclient. I have modified the settings many times. Now I just put the maximum allowable number there, both are set at 34464.

I limit my upload speed, not my download speed. Because my ISP limit my upload to about 30 Mbits.

Some posts mention that I might choke my router. I am using a IDY pfSense as my router. Is there anything I should do on the router?

Also, my whole network is on VPN. The pfSense router handles the VPN. I have four VPN connections constantly on. The router will automatically balance tranffic among them.
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