[SOLVED] How to generate SSHA1 password

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[SOLVED] How to generate SSHA1 password

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... for transmission-daemon? As far i understand this is not normal SHA1, but SHA1 with salt or something like that, right? So... how can i generate password to put in settings.json without any GUI? Is there are any console tool for GNU/Linux to do that without any fancy dependencies (like perl/python/ruby/php/whatever), or better web based one (i mean - hosted, i don't want webui for it)?
Thank you in advance.
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Re: How to generate SSHA1 password

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You don't need to encrypt it, the daemon will do it... from http://trac.transmissionbt.com/wiki/Con ... Parameters
A new password can be entered via command line utilities or directly in plain text and will replaced with the encrypted version when the configuration file is next saved.
I don't know what "command line utilities" are those, since the most common, htpasswd and openssl, do not produce the kind of string the daemon stores.
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