Stagger Torrent Announcements?

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Stagger Torrent Announcements?

Post by Jelsert »

Hi Transmission Crew,

Love the client, can't believe that I went so long with utorrent! I love Transmission so much that I often just let my torrents seed as long as possible. However when the time comes to update Transmission, there's frequently some trouble when starting back up with some 80+ torrents seeding. The trackers will get a little pissed when all the torrents try to announce at the same time. I was wondering if there is any way to stagger the announces to the tracker so that it didn't get overloaded and so that I don't have to go through by hand and stagger them.

Anyone else think this might be a useful feature?

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Re: Stagger Torrent Announcements?

Post by Jordan »

Well, they do stagger. There's a random delay of 0-120 seconds so on average with 80 torrents you should only have one announce per 1.5 seconds.
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