queue management for active slow torrents

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queue management for active slow torrents

Postby Jdog » Wed Dec 11, 2013 7:39 pm

here is the situation i'd like to prevent.

if i add 10 torrents to transmission there may be 5 torrents with lots of seeds/peers and a quick download speed and 5 torrents that are sluggish.

i only allow 4 active torrents at a time so if the wrong 4 end up at the top of the queue i could be waiting an eternity before the fast torrents even begin to download.

i would like to see an option for swapping active torrents that are slow out for a queued torrent.

essentially: if torrent X has not exceeded Y speed in the last Z minutes, move X to bottom of queue, start next torrent in queue. if all torrents in the list have been tried, revert to a less agressive Y and Z.

this should be set through transmissions preferences.

it would also be important to allow certain torrents to be exempt from this process. toggled by context menu

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