Desktop-to-Daemon handoff

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Desktop-to-Daemon handoff

Post by masterwill »

I download initially on my desktop machine, then will move things over to another machine running transmission-daemon (and nothing else) to keep things neat on the desktop box.

The problem is that this involves a convoluted manual process of drags and drops in the finder.

I'd *love* a menu entry that says "Handoff to Daemon" and it moves the data and the torrent file over automatically. The cherry on top would be the desktop client running a duplicate check against the list in the daemon to prevent a wasted re-download.

I'm no coder, but would one way to do the hand off is have the daemon download as a local peer from the desktop to start, then re-start that torrent with the "actual" torrent file? Thinking of ease-of-configuration and avoiding pauses such as when using "Move data file to..." with large files.
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Re: Desktop-to-Daemon handoff

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Instead of downloading on the desktop, why not use a remote client and keep the torrents on the transmission-daemon...
Standalone remote controls: Transdroid, remote-cli, (video review), remote-gtk, remote-gui
transmisson-remote-gui is available for Windows, Mac, Linux... It connects to transmission-daemon... If you have a network share to your transmisson-daemon servers download directories it even does nice automatic mapping.. It behaves like a desktop client but all the work happens on the transmisson-daemon box.
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