Multi core

Feature requests not specific to either the Mac OS X or GTK+ versions of Transmission
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Multi core

Post by Kami »

Pls. add multi core cpu support.
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Re: Multi core

Post by REVERSE »

I second that!

Recently I've got an ODROID-C1 which has 4 cores. I wanted to use it for torrents instead of Zyxel GIGA II that can not download torrents with full speed of my connection (70mbps). But what was my frustration when I've seen that quad-core processor can't do the job! I can not imagine how linuxoids live with the best torrent client using only one core! :shock:
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Re: Multi core

Post by blinding »

Also running on the ODROID-C1, Yay! Are you sure the CPU is the limiting factor? I never see Transmission using more than a few percent; I would expect a maximum of 25%, one of the four CPUs, if it was saturating. Other postings indicate that software problems may be limiting high download speeds.

There is a utility "mpstat -P ALL 5" that shows per core cpu stats. (sudu apt-get install sysstat)

Are you running 2.82 or 2.84? I took some time to compile 2.84. Mostly make, download missing library, repeat. Noticed it fixed some bugs.
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Re: Multi core

Post by lazybones »

Transmission is not CPU limited, however some of the disk IO code is blocking causes it to hang.. Not trivial to fix and there are already some long standing tickets on it.
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