Auto prioritize files by (- remaining size)

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Auto prioritize files by (- remaining size)

Postby apistoletov » Sun Dec 27, 2015 9:31 am

This request is probably somewhat similar to viewtopic.php?f=3&t=17239, but potentially more useful when the user wants to take a look at some files ASAP, but which exactly files is not important.

The idea is simple:

Periodically (say once in 5 minutes) for each checked file (in other words, all files selected for downloading) assign them a priority based on how much data is remaining to download for that file.

So, this strategy will optimize for the minimal time before some file is downloaded completely (and then the same for other files left, etc until all files are downloaded), but instead of fixed priority, it'll adapt to unknown and varying environment (I mean, it's a common situation when some peers have only some of the files).

For example, say we have a torrent with 2 files, "first.7z" — 10MB, "second.7z" — 20MB.
Initially they have both 0 bytes completed and first file has higher priority because it's smaller, so there's less data left to download.
After 5 minutes, first has downloaded 5MB and second has downloaded 16MB.
That means, first has 5MB left (10 - 5) and second has 4MB left (20 - 16).
At this moment Transmission automatically assigns second file the top priority.

I'd even suggest making this default strategy until the user makes manual priority adjustments.

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