Request: An option to count inactive time "overall" instead of "per session"

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Request: An option to count inactive time "overall" instead of "per session"

Postby tuxolero » Sun Apr 03, 2016 10:20 am


I'm running transmission 24/7, only interrupted by rebooting the computer regularly due to system updates.
Many of my torrents are quite old ones, and some of them took over a year to complete downloading. I want to give other people a chance to complete their torrents from me by setting the "stop seeding if idle for N minutes" option to 6 weeks (=60480 minutes). Unfortunately, I can't seed forever, because I have limited disk space on my 24/7 computer and therefore I need to move the files to another location that's not available constantly. So I think 6 weeks is a good compromise.

However, the reboots because of system updates occur more often than every 6 weeks. And so, the "idle minutes" threshold is never reached, because it appears to be counted per session. On the other hand, the overall idle time is available. You can see it in the torrent's preferences.
For testing, I have set one of my torrents to 1 week (= 10080 minutes) before rebooting. It was already iniactive for 4 days. After another 4 days, it was shown as inactive for 8 days, but not switched to "finished" state.

For people not running transmission 24/7, the per-session behaviour is adequate, but for people like me, an overall approach fits better. Of course, transmission can not know. So an option (disabled per default) would help.

What do you think about that ?

For the record:
No, I'm not wasting lots of energy by running a computer 24/7. My dedicated 24/7 computer is a Banana Pi.

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