Patch: add --auth-bypass option to transmission-daemon (2.92)

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Patch: add --auth-bypass option to transmission-daemon (2.92)

Postby slyman » Sun Jun 05, 2016 6:04 am

Patch for 2.92 to add --auth-bypass option to transmission-daemon

This option sets a whitelist of ip addresses which do not require authentication even if --auth|-t is set.


--auth-bypass <ip address>[,<ip address> ...]

Example usage:


The above option would allow clients, e.g. transmission-remote, on localhost to avoid having to authenticate.

The reasoning behind this patch is to avoid the need to hardcode passwords in scripts that use transmission-remote on localhost, while requiring passwords for clients on other hosts. I thought it better to allow admins to make the decision to allow other ip as well (or, if you prefer, be as insecure as they want) by using a whitelist rather than hardcoding

The following parameters are added to settings.json:

rpc-auth-bypass-enabled = true or false
rpc-auth-bypass-whitelist = comma seperated ip addresses like rpc-whitelist

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