Expanded Search within existing torrents

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Expanded Search within existing torrents

Postby PedroConejo » Tue Jun 21, 2016 11:11 pm

As it is now, the search bar will only parse the Name of the torrents and the Trackers associated with them. I would very much like to see the ability to search within torrent data files as well - torrent names, subfolders and file names. The Filter bar at the bottom of the Files tab in the Inspector window will work well for searching within an individual torrent, but it does not work when selecting multiple torrents.

E.g.: You have dozens of classic ebook collections from Project Gutenberg - 100 active torrents, each torrent has 50 folders, and each folder has 20+ files. If you needed to find all books, authors or torrent files with the word "England" in the name, you would have select an individual torrent and enter "England" 100 times into the Filter in order to find them. You could never see all them all in one search result.

There is a workaround in that it is possible to use your computer's Finder/Spotlight/Explorer/Windows/etc to search for the files themselves once they are all downloaded. But this only works of course if you have chosen to download all the files. You can not use this method If you are selective in your file downloads but still need to search within all files in the torrent.

So I propose/request two add-ons:
1) Search Bar in main window filters through all torrent names and subfolders and file names of listed torrents to show which ones contain results
2) Filter Bar in the Files tab of the Inspector window searches through all selected torrents rather than just one at a time.

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