Deleted or damaged files -> *not* stop DL with error message

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Deleted or damaged files -> *not* stop DL with error message

Post by shoobeedoobee » Tue Oct 03, 2017 2:37 am

When you have a torrent that is a collection of many files and you delete one you have downloaded, then Transmission stops the download with an error message.
Example: You have one Torrent for 1 or multiple seasons of a tv series in high definition. Maybe the drive space required exceeds what you have available. You watch a few episodes and delete them.
Result: The torrent stops with an error message.
That requires a lot of extra mouse clicking and time.

It would be so much more user friendly if Transmission had downloaded individual files of a torrent, and now these are gone (deleted by the user), then Transmission would simply reset these files in the torrent's file list to not downloaded.

In case of partially corrupted files, you also get an error message and the torrent stops. For me it seems impossible to know which downloaded part is corrupted. Transmission could simply delete that part itself, try to download it again (ideally from a different source). Only after a certain number of trials, would Transmission let the user know and let him choose wether to try again (once or a few times) or give up.

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