Port Error Reporting

Feature requests not specific to either the Mac OS X or GTK+ versions of Transmission
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Port Error Reporting

Post by drsassafras » Mon Oct 09, 2017 2:15 am

I've had issues with Transmission. It stopped working and it forced to change torrent client for a while.

I ended figuring out what the issue was. I had chosen a port that Transmission could not bind to. I eventually opened the logs (duh) and was able to correct this but the first thing I did was to look under the port checker in preferences.

The port I was binging to was "green" it was open, but Transmission was unable to bind and it caused everything to stop working, without error.

May I suggest that transmission shows a warning or error under the "Peer Listening Port" check. If its unable to bind a warning listed there would be really handy!

Thanks for the amazing software.

Dr. Sassafras

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