Import folder and files in a current download

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Import folder and files in a current download

Post by gabriel.klein » Thu Oct 26, 2017 9:03 pm

I often download torrents that contains many files. Some of these files have already been downloaded (from another torrent).

It would be really cool if we can import existing files in a torrent we are currently downloading.

I download two torrents
Torrent 1: [File A], [File B], [File C].
Torrent 2: [File A], [File D], [File E].

Later I have a new torrent (an updated version of these files).
Torrent 3: [File A], [File C with some modifications], [File D], [File E], [File F]

It would be amazing to right click on the download (in progress), click "import existing folder and files" in current download.
Then I select what the files I have downloaded with Torrent 1, and Torrent 2.

Then on Torrent 3, I will not need to download back [File A], [File D], [File E]. A part of [File C] will already be downloaded.
It means I will only have to download [File F] and part of [File C].

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